We Build
set it & Forget it
Nano Fish tank

No Water Change | No Filter Required

Zero Hassel to Maintain | Self Sustaining & Always Thriving

More than a Fish tank

it's an

Mother nature has all the answers. We simply follow the universal laws and create the right conditions. 

Success follows through. Everything simply thrives. 


No Water Change

We provide a robust
eco-balance so that you don't have to rely on water change to remove wastes.

Simple & Natural

No need for filters or water chemicals.
Everything in the tank is natural.
We let mother nature do the work.

Zero Hassel

Skip the routine maintenance.
More time to enjoy life.
Enjoy the beauty in your tank.


The ecosystem only gets stronger over time and will support more life.
Patience is the key.


Ugly Filter

Water Change


Gravel Vacuum


Just Feed Your Fish

Fish tank waste ammonia nitrite nitrate cycle
Our Success

The Magic Sauce

keeping a balance in the pace of

waste generation vs neutralization

in the ecosystem

Our System

Thriving all Tank Sizes

Client feedback

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